Land Rover Defender Air Suspension Systems

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ACHSV have worked closely with VB Air Suspension from Holland to develop a tried and tested full Land Rover Defender Air Suspension System.

The Land Rover Defender Air Suspension system features an Air Spring on each corner, replacing the original Coil Spring controlled by a height sensor linked to a central electronic control unit.  This gives the vehicle a monitored constant ride height no matter what the load.  The Defender historically has suffered from a sagging of the rear end when road springs have got a little tired or when heavy loads have been inflicted on the rear of the vehicle or tow hitch.  This means that the average 110 payload of 1000kg or a 3500kg trailer finds the Defender dragging its backside along the tarmac.  When a Defender is fitted with the four corner (4C) VB Air Suspension System these woes are all in the past.  As long as the manufacturers payload and towing limits are not exceeded the Defender will maintain a constant ride height to the millimetre.

The system is controlled by a hand-set within the cab where you can adjust the ride height, select off road for more challenging surfaces or select car park to drop the vehicle to near its bump stomps for loading and passenger access.

The system can be manually over-ridden with 2 memory settings which can aid someone who regularly attaches the same trailer or indeed someone that needs to access an underground car park.

Options on this system include Auto-Level, this option allows the user to level the vehicle when the engine is turned off which is ideal when parking on a slope, for example when using roof tents on expeditions.  Another option is the facility to inflate the air-bags independantly of the control system in the event of an unlikely electronic breakdown.

A Demonstrator Land Rover Defender 110 XS Utility is available for interested parties to experience what a difference Air Suspension can make to your Defender and indeed your life.

Prices start at £ 3967.00 + VAT for the Full 4 Corner System for Defender 90, 110 & 130

Why have Defender Air Suspension? 

A constant ride-height

The electronic system ensures that, independent of the load, the vehicle will always have the ride-height set by VB-Airsuspension. The rear end of the vehicle will not lower due to heavy load. Plus, the constant ride-height has a positive influence on the fuel consumption. To ensure that the brake pressure corresponds with the load of the vehicle, a LSV-unit (only used when the vehicle is equipped with a LSV) is used to regulate the brake pressure depending on the pressure in the bellows.

Adjustable floor height

The air-suspension system is standard equipped with a raise and lower switch. This switch offers the opportunity (when the parking-brake is used) to change the height of the rear of the vehicle to ease (un) loading of the vehicle or to ease (de)coupling of a trailer.

Improved road handling

Applying an air-suspension system in most cases requires a modification of the shock absorbers. Almost every air-suspension system comes with specific shock absorbers to improve the vehicle's road handling and straight-ahead running. This will also reduce tyre wear-off.

Improved stability

Due to the unique VB-Airsuspension construction, every air-suspension system has it's own integrated stabiliser. This improves the vehicle's stability and offers the driver a safer feeling.

Better comfort

The air-suspension system more or less filters the unevenness of the road so the passengers are subjected to less energy (vibrations). This increases comfort and reduces fatigue. That is why more and more car manufacturers equip their vehicles with air-suspension.

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