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  • Full Air Suspension for Defender 90 & 110


Why have Air Suspension?

A constant ride-height

The electronic system ensures that, independent of the load, the vehicle will always have the ride-height set by VB-Airsuspension. The rear end of the vehicle will not lower due to heavy load. Plus, the constant ride-height has a positive influence on the fuel consumption. To ensure that the brake pressure corresponds with the load of the vehicle, a LSV-unit ( only used when the vehicle is equipped with a LSV) is used to regulate the brake pressure depending on the pressure in the bellows.

Adjustable floor height

The air-suspension system is standard equipped with a raise and lower switch. This switch offers the opportunity ( when the parking-brake is used) to change the height of the rear of the vehicle to ease ( un) loading of the vehicle or to ease ( de)coupling of a trailer.

Improved road handling

Applying an air-suspension system in most cases requires a modification of the shock absorbers. Almost every air-suspension system comes with specific shock absorbers to improve the vehicle's road handling and straight-ahead running. This will also reduce tyre wear-off.

Improved stability

Due to the unique VB-Airsuspension construction, every air-suspension system has it's own integrated stabiliser. This improves the vehicle's stability and offers the driver the a safer feeling.

Better comfort

The air-suspension system more or less filters the unevenness of the road so the passengers are subjected to less engery ( vibrations). This icreases comfort and reduces fatigue. That is why more and more car manufactures equip their vehicles with air-suspension