ACHSV 4×4 supply and fit 4 different systems available from VB Air Suspension, having worked closely with VB Air Suspension from Holland to develop a tried and tested full Land Rover Defender Air Suspension System.

A Demonstrator Land Rover Defender 110 XS Utility is available for interested parties to experience what a difference Air Suspension can make to your 4×4, and indeed your life!

Why have Air Suspension?

A constant ride-height – independent of the load, plus, a positive influence on the fuel consumption.

Adjustable floor height – to change the height of the rear of the vehicle to ease (un) loading of a vehicle or to ease (de)coupling of a trailer.

Improved road handling – specific shock absorbers will improve the vehicle’s road handling and straight-ahead running. This will also reduce tyre wear-off.

Improved stability – every air-suspension system has it’s own integrated stabiliser improving the vehicle’s stability and offering the driver a safer feeling.

Better comfort – The air-suspension system more or less filters the unevenness of the road so the passengers are subjected to less engery (vibrations). This increases comfort and reduces fatigue.


4-Corner Full Air 4C air suspension:

The 4-Corner Full-Air 4C air suspension refers to the 4-corners of the vehicle, meaning all 4 wheels. Because of the at all times checking and correcting (no matter what the actual load, or point of gravity of the vehicle is) the vehicle is safer because of the behaviour of the vehicle. The ride will be increased for driver, vehicle and freight if the vehicle is prepared with VB-FullAir 4-Corner.
When the vehicle is standing still, the riding height can be adjusted manually, because of this standard feature the backside of the vehicle can be lowered extremely.

2-corner Full-Air 2C Air Suspension:

FullAir 2C is a full air suspension for the rear axle. With the FullAir 2C system there are 2 height sensors 1 by each wheel on the rear axle it is so called a 2C system as it covers 2 wheels.

Semi-Air Suspension:

Semi air-suspension enables the driver to adjust the suspension himself (to a certain degree).  SemiAir is a bellow fitted between the chassis and the rear axle to supplement the existing leaf spring.  By varying the pressure in the bellows the driver is therefore able to adjust the ride height themself (within limits.) Left and right can also be adjusted independently (dual chamber system) making it possible to compensate a slightly uneven weight distribution and level the vehicle. Optionally a (heavy duty) compressor can be supplied. This is the most suitable solution for vehicles that are usually heavily laden and for the driver who desires to be able to vary the ride heigt themself.

Reinforced Coil & Leaf Springs:

Mounting reinforced coil or leaf springs is a non-adjustable solution for suspension problems. An additional spring leaf is mounted to the existing coil or leaf spring(s). Reinforced springs wil usually ensure that the vehicle returns to its orginal ride height (if not higher), thus increasing the suspension travel and improving stability. This adjustment will however make the suspension more rigid (harder) and therefore reduces the ride comfort. This solution is often used for vehicles that are constantly heavily laden.

We supply full four corner suspension for the Land Rover Defender giving a superior ride, better handling, more traction off-road and more stable towing.

For the Ford ranger PX from 2012, the Volkswagen Amarok range and the coil sprung Nissan Navara NP300 from 2015 we supply full air suspension for the rear axle. Aimed at the working pick-up, the system provides a constant ride height whatever the load keeping the nose of the vehicle down when carrying heavy loads or towing. The vehicle can be lowered for loading or trailer coupling and raised to give better ground clearance.

For the Isuzu D-max, Mitsubishi L200 and leaf sprung Navaras we offer the semi-air option. Semi air enables the driver to adjust the ride height of the rear of the vehicle from the drivers seat depending on load. A cost effective way of strengthening the rear suspension only when it is required.

The Land Rover Defender Air Suspension system features an Air Spring on each corner, replacing the original Coil Spring controlled by a height sensor linked to a central electronic control unit.  This gives the vehicle a monitored constant ride height no matter what the load.  The Defender historically has suffered from a sagging of the rear end when road springs have got a little tired or when heavy loads have been inflicted on the rear of the vehicle or tow hitch.  This means that the average 110 payload of 1000kg or a 3500kg trailer finds the Defender dragging its backside along the tarmac.  When a Defender is fitted with the four corner (4C) VB Air Suspension System these woes are all in the past.  As long as the manufacturers payload and towing limits are not exceeded the Defender will maintain a constant ride height to the millimetre.

The system is controlled by a hand-set within the cab where you can adjust the ride height, select off road for more challenging surfaces or select car park to drop the vehicle to near its bump stomps for loading and passenger access.

The system can be manually over-ridden with 2 memory settings which can aid someone who regularly attaches the same trailer or indeed someone that needs to access an underground car park.

Options on this system include Auto-Level, this option allows the user to level the vehicle when the engine is turned off which is ideal when parking on a slope, for example when using roof tents on expeditions.  Another option is the facility to inflate the air-bags independantly of the control system in the event of an unlikely electronic breakdown.

A Demonstrator Land Rover Defender 110 XS Utility is available for interested parties to experience what a difference Air Suspension can make to your Defender and indeed your life!


Full Air suspension is highly usable for applications where humans, animals or goods have to be transported with the highest care.

Our products are used for a lot of applications not just for 4×4’s, here are a few examples of the most common other applications for air suspension:


When transporting a patient in need, every second counts. In this situation, it is essential that the patient, driver and crew are transported with as much safety, comfort and speed as possible. Air-suspension greatly improves the ride comfort for everyone on-board.


Loading and unloading become child’s play when your car transporter is prepared with full air suspension.

Kneeling suspension – Many present-day cars are long and designed with a low front-end, in order to increase pedestrians’ safety. But for vehicle transporters these characteristics create an extra challenge when it comes to loading and unloading these vehicles. By using the FullAir 2C air-suspension, the loading platform can be lowered to the bumpstops. In this position, the run-up angle is significantly reduced, which decreases the chance of damage to spoilers and bumpers when driving onto the ramps.

Stability on the Road – When loaded, the car transporter can get on its way. With the air-suspension fitted, the high center of gravity of the load, the high weight, and any cross-winds are all dealt with far better than with standard steel suspension. The air-suspension helps to keep the vehicle and the steering stable, no matter what the load, thereby increasing the safety of the driver, the passengers and other road-users.


Your mobile workshop on wheels, constant and manageable.

Service vehicles are actually traveling workshops. Besides a range of specialist equipment, the vehicle sufficient space to work. To the best customer service to there is sufficient stock on board.

Air from “tilting” – An asymmetric loading of a service vehicle, may lead to “tilting” of the vehicle. Especially in case of heavy items such as countertops, glass, stone or even a bench, the load that the vehicle leans to one side optically. This “tilting” ensures not only that the rider must constantly adjust while driving (something that can be tiring), also contributes to an unsafe situation during braking. An unexpected emergency can lead to a final stop.

VB Airsuspension recommends for such use of the vehicle or at least help air full air assembly. The 2-chamber system ensures that the vehicle will automatically be adjusted horizontally, then the safety of the vehicle is increased.


Travelling by bus is comfortable again.

Whether you have 1 or 30 passengers on board, all of them want to be transported safely and comfortably from A to B. By default, many mini-and midi buses are equipped with steel suspension. This spring cannot deal very well with the large difference in loading (an empty bus has a large weight weight difference, compared to a full bus) and therefore, depending on the load, becomes “ too stiff”, or just “ too soft”. The adaptive nature of air-suspension makes it possible to maintain maximum comfort, whatever the load.

The Air Suspension kneeling option allows the vehicle to lower during entry and exit for easier access. This makes it possible for all passengers to independently enter the vehicle. At bus stations and platforms it is even possible to adjust the step height to the height of the curb.


In recent years, much has changed in the transporation of horses. For many years large horseboxes and trailers were a common sight at horse riding events. More often these days, these large trucks and trailers make way for the very compact, lightweight horsebox. Only a small driver’s licence is required for these compact vehicles.

If you buy a horsebox, both your comfort and the comfort of your horses is of great value. Our air-suspension improves the comfort and stability of the vehicle. This is not only a great advantage for you as the driver but also for your horse. The reduced vibration and improved comfort in the will help relax the horse and help prevent injuries.


As a motorhome owner, you probably know the feeling of intense crosswinds while driving your motorhome. While overtaking lorries or buses, your motorhome can be unstable. At high speed, it can be dangerous for both your motorhome and your own safety. With the installation of air suspension, your motorhome is more stable on the road and less sensitive to crosswinds.

Optimal handling – Motorhomes often have a high center of gravity. This causes your motorhome to lean/roll when cornering and can make both you and your passengers feel unsafe and uncomfortable. Airsuspension offers an appropriate solution to this problem; our air suspension products ensure that your motorhome is more stable and therefore leans/rolls less when cornering.

Constant height –The weight of a motorhome is usually not evenly distributed over the entire length of the vehicle. Equipment and accessories, such as a bicycle or scooter rack, are often stored within the overhang at the rear. The uneven distribution of weight will ensure that the original suspension of your motorhome will “sag”. This can lead to reduced comfort, handling and steering problems, but can also mean that springs and shock absorbers have to be replaced earlier.

Auto Level –After a long journey, you arrive at your destination only to find that the camp-ground is sloping and you have to spend ages getting your motorhome level, before you can relax. Airsuspension offers the solution:

With our one-touch “Auto Level” function, 4C air suspension ensures that your motorhome finds its perfect level quickly and easily. Sloping grounds can be levelled by up to 130mm, leaving you to concentrate on relaxing