Custom Vehicle Builds


A custom vehicle build is just that, your choices. We create a vehicle that is completely bespoke to you and your requirements. The condition of the base vehicle is key. Then it’s your ideas that determine the outcome and how long the build is going to take.

The final step of ACHSV custom vehicle builds is choosing the perfect colour for your new, bespoke Land Rover.

The Colour & Detailing To Finish Your Custom Vehicle Build

We pride ourselves on the highest quality paintwork found normally only in the collector’s car world. Weeks of body preparation go into each build where every single part is carefully straightened, prepared, painted and then finally polished to a remarkable and long-lasting finish never normally found on a Land Rover. Choose from classic colours that we have selected or create your own one-off colour to be that little bit out of the ordinary.

ACHSV custom vehicle builds next step is choosing the drivetrain for your Land Rover.

The Drive Options For Your Custom Vehicle Build

There are many options that we can offer when it comes to the drivetrain for your Land Rover. Many customers like to keep the standard engine in their build and in that case, we take the old engine, strip it, rebuild it to our own exacting standards and run up on a test bed before moving on to the next stage.

If you’re looking for a little something different then ACH can offer power upgrades

The first steps of ACHSV custom vehicle builds start from the ground up - stripping, blasting, priming, treating and painting.

First Steps Of A Custom Vehicle Build Process

We pride ourselves on our search for perfection and the only way to achieve it is to start from the ground up. Land Rovers have some inherent corrosion issues and these have to be eradicated before anything can be built on. Once stripped the chassis is sand blasted and if in a repairable condition the metal is checked to assess the thickness and any areas of corrosion are replaced. If the chassis is beyond repair it is replaced with a new replacement. Once the chassis is as good as new it is etch primed, internally treated with long lasting wax, given a second primer before a final two coats of our specially formulated semi-gloss black.

The second step of ACHSV custom vehicle builds is designing your build to create your very own Land Rover, just the way you want it.

Designing Your Custom Vehicle Build

Every custom vehicle build or recreation is very personal and that’s the great thing about it, you can create your very own Land Rover, just the way you want it. There is a plethora of accessories and additions from hand stitched interiors to one off paint colours. We walk you through all of the options until we have a basic layout for the project. Ideas can change along the way and we won’t expect you know exactly what you want from the beginning so we don’t require the project to be signed off until the car is in the workshop ready to start.

ACHSV custom vehicle builds firstly require a donor vehicle to start the design and build process from like this basic green Land Rover Defender 110.

Choose Your Donor Vehicle For Your Custom Vehicle Build

There are various options at the beginning of a custom vehicle build process. You can provide us with your base vehicle or we can search to find the right Land Rover for you. We will give any advice you need and help procure the best starting platform to work from.

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