Sound Proofing Your Land Rover Defender

Sound Proofing

One of the first observations anyone makes when taking a journey in a Land Rover Defender is the noise. Not only from the engine, the gearbox and the transmission, but also from vibration, the wind, the road, and even more so, a wet road. There is little point in a Bluetooth hands-free system in a standard Land Rover over 30mph as you can’t hear the caller and they can’t hear you!

We can fix that.

We remove the entire interior including the dashboard and door cards before cleaning all of the surfaces. The whole interior is then covered in an insulating noise-deadening layer that dramatically reduces vibration and resonation from the body panels. The roof and side panels get a second covering of a 12mm foam isolator that creates an insulating layer and further deadens noise; no more deafening rain on the roof!

The interior is then replaced leaving your Defender a more comfortable place to be. Basic sound proofing of your Defender takes 3-4days.

At this stage we can, if required, replace the interior with new carpets and trim. 

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