ARB 10800475 Portable Fridge Freezer (47L)

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ARB 10800475 Portable Fridge Freezer (47L)

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ARB 10800475 Portable Fridge Freezer (47L)

Supplied by ACHSV 4×4, Silverstone.

The ARB 10800475 Portable Fridge Freezer (47L) is a perfect travelling companion for a range of activities, including remote area travel, overland excursions or just a simple camping/touring weekend. Suitable for most medium to large SUVs, commercial vehicles, wagons and pickups, this is a must-have accessory for 4WD enthusiasts. Great capacity and high quality cooling

  • So whether it’s a weekend trip with friends or a long distance trek, a portable fridge offers the convenience of having cold food and drinks no matter where your 4Wheeling adventures take you.
  • Specifically designed for off road use, ARB’s fridge freezer models incorporate a host of features to ensure that each fridge delivers outstanding performance even in the toughest terrains.


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