ARB 2814030 Recovery Point Toyota Hilux (2015 Onwards, RHS, 8000kg Rating)

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ARB 2814030 Recovery Point Toyota Hilux (2015 Onwards, RHS, 8000kg Rating)

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ARB 2814030 Recovery Point Toyota Hilux (2015 Onwards, RHS, 8000kg Rating)

Supplied by ACHSV 4×4, Silverstone. Fitting available at an extra cost.

The ARB 2814030 Recovery Point Toyota Hilux (2015 Onwards, LHS, 8000kg Rated) is designed to be fitted to the right hand side of the chassis.

The ARB recovery point sets a new industry benchmark for how recovery points are designed, tested and selected. Rated for use with a 4.75t bow shackle and 8000kg snatch strap, drivers can safely perform a vehicle recovery while reducing the likelihood of vehicle damage. Constructed from high grade steel and featuring a long slot design for a side-angled pull, the recovery point has been specifically designed and tested for the Toyota HiLux.

Manufactured from 20mm flame cut steel plate, each recovery point is supplied as a single unit with the necessary mounting hardware.

To ensure that during an angled recovery there are no inappropriate forces exerted on the shackle, the recovery point has a long slot to allow the recommended bow shackle to be fed through and the strap attached via the pin instead of the bow.

This allows even distribution of the recovery force through the shackle to avoid side loads on the pin. Side loads on the pin invoke forces that tend to open up the shackle, putting unwanted load on its weakest point, the pin threads.

Each ARB Recovery Point is supplied with an operator instruction card that identifies the correct method of attaching both the shackle and recovery strap as well as important safety information. This card is designed to be kept in the glove compartment of the vehicle.

Recovery points also have a warning label attached which clearly identifies the strap and shackle rating to be used with the point and usage and safety information.
Maximum strap rating is an 8000kg strap.
Recommended shackle rating is 4.75t.

Modification of under bar panels may be necessary on some vehicles fitted with an ARB bull bar.


  • Vehicle specific design, with load and destruction tests conducted on the chassis of the Toyota HiLux

  • Eye constructed from 20mm high grade 350MPa steel for maximum strength and durability

  • ‘Brace type’ point permanently welded to the vehicle chassis replaces the front left cross member to radiator support brace

  • Rated as part of ARB’s ‘recovery train’ system using a 4.75t bow shackle and 8000kg snatch strap

  • Unique, long slot design allows bow shackle to rotate for rated side angle up to the vehicle’s maximum turn angle of the front wheels

  • High tensile bolts

  • Air bag compatible design

  • Ideal for winching

  • Easily accessible

  • Compatible with fleet vehicle OH&S requirements

  • Finished in a hard-wearing red powder coat for maximum visibility

Fits on right hand side only.


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