KRLB005T Front Runner Pick-Up Truck Slimline II Load Bed Rack – 1475mm(W) x 1358mm(L)

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KRLB005T Front Runner Pick-Up Truck Slimline II Load Bed Rack – 1475mm(W) x 1358mm(L)

Supplied by ACHSV 4×4, Silverstone. Fitting available at an extra cost.

The KRLB005T Front Runner Pick-Up Truck Slimline II Load Bed Rack (1475×1358) creates a full size rack that sits above your Pick-Up truck bed. This Slimline II cargo carrying rack kit contains the Slimline II tray (1475mm x 1358mm), 2x Tracks, and 4x Pick-Up Truck Bed Universal Legs that fit into the Tracks.

KRLB005T Front Runner Pick-Up Truck Slimline II Load Bed Rack (1475×1358) offers unmatched strength, lightness and aerodynamics compared to any other roof rack. With the unique patented locking slat system all accessories can be bolted to the flat slats providing the most convenient solution for rattle free, secure, and safe travel. The slats of the rack have t-slots on both sides, allowing the fitting of accessories to the underside of the rack as well. The legs also take advantage of the t-slots, allowing flexible choices for positioning the rack on the rooftop. The legs bolt onto the t-slots in the rack, and firmly secure the rack to the roof top by clamping on to the vehicle’s gutter.

STRENGTH: The Slimline II load bed rack is designed and built specifically for on and off-road use & manufactured with high density aluminium (30% lighter than steel) rated to carry up to 300kg. The load support slats fit into a double walled aluminium extrusion channel on the side profiles and are secured via locking nuts, creating a joint support that is stronger than usual for a roof rack. The Slimline II’s L-shaped rear and front slat design increases the strength of the entire rack, making the Slimline II the lightest and the strongest roof rack available, able to carry heavier loads, decrease vehicle wear and improve fuel usage. (*the rack must always be loaded in accordance with the vehicle’s load rating specifications).

MODULAR CONSTRUCTION: The Slimline II offers design flexibility to meet your specific needs. Add slats to create a solid platform option (for sleeping/sitting); remove slats to create unobstructed access through a T-top or sunroof. Shorter, longer and expedition style side rails are available to create your ideal roof rack.

LOW PROFILE: The Slimline II flat deck design is unobtrusive as there are no side rails, making it easy and quick to remove stored gear and also possible to mount a roof top tent. The lower profile also affords easier access to underground car parks and garages, and less drag and noise than the typical roof rack – thereby increasing fuel efficiency and increasing performance. To further reduce wind noise, all Front Runner Slimline II roof racks come with Wind Deflectors included.

DURABLE: The Slimline II is manufactured with corrosion free aluminium and powder coated with a weather resistant finish to ensure your roof rack lasts as long as your vehicle, without rusting, chipping or cracking, whatever the weather exposure.


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