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We have a state-of-the-art paint shop facility enabling our painter to create incredible finishes. With experience painting some of the worlds’ most exclusive classic cars, Land Rovers are only visitors in the booth. From a 250GTO to an Aston Martin DB5 we have the skill and experience to create some of the finest paintwork out there.

ACH Classic offers bespoke resprays, restoration, imperfection repairs and bodywork detailing of your vehicle in our brand new state-of-the-art industrial spray-paint booth to transform your vehicle’s appearance.

From individual traditional or one-off special body panel refurbishments and enhancements, to machine polishing, to bespoke full colour resprays both inside and out in both classic and contemporary colours, we can offer the paint service that you desire to give your vehicle a new lease of life.

Our highly experienced team work endlessly to achieve the highest finish ever seen in Land Rover vehicles. More than 500 hours alone go into body repairs and paintwork on an average full restoration project. Yes, the final finish is far superior to the original, and we don’t apologise for that.

Formerly seen as a work-horse, seen now as an icon, a classic Land Rover deserves the finish equal to that of the finest classic cars – this is what the ACH Classic Paint Shop offers.

The key to any ACH Classic build is the finish. The process starts with each panel stripped back revealing any historic imperfections. Once dealt with, the repaired panel is etch primed, followed by a base coat of primer before the panel is rubbed down to iron out any minor imperfections. A second coat of primer is then applied, the panel is rubbed down once more and only then will the first coat of colour be laid on. Choose from an infinite array of colours or opt for an original Land Rover classic such as Bronze Green or Masai Red.

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