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Based at Silverstone in Northamptonshire, ACH Classic specialises in the finest Land Rover restorations and recreations. The level of elegance and quality found in an ACH Classic Land Rover is that of the finest classic cars. ACH Restorations are built to exacting original specifications, whilst adding the highest quality finish you will ever see on a Land Rover.

ACH Recreations offer the customer the opportunity to create their own personalised and completely individual Land Rover.

Land Rovers are not art, they were designed to be functional but over the last 70 years the shape has become probably the most recognisable vehicle on the planet. ACH Classic offers the client the choice of complete originality in a Land Rover restoration, or the option to build their Land Rover exactly as they wish.

Whether its exacting originality that’s required or exciting, bespoke specifications, ACH Classic are dedicated to creating the perfect Land Rover.

Our passion leads to perfection.

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